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Jordan Klein Film and Video has always maintained a large inventory of the latest cameras and lenses. That being said, We do not want to give people the wrong impression when it comes to our gear. We are not a rental house. If you require some gear we will send out one of our camera packages with a minimum of a tech or 2nd A/C. we primarily use all of our gear on our own productions. In other words…." We are not a rental house, just a production company that has a lot of gear"


Here is a partial list of our cameras and lenses:

-Red Epic Dragon (soon to be Weapon)

-Red Scarlet

-Arri Amira

-Arri Alexa Classic

-Arri Alexa  Mini

-Sony F65

-Panasonic GH4

-Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera


Lenses: (all cover 5K)

-2 x sets or Ziess Superspeed MKIII

-Nikon prime lens set

-Ziess 25-250 f3.2 zoom

9.8 Tegea

14mm Optar

Ziess 21-100mm f2.8

 Sigma 18-35mm f2.8  

Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 

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