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The Klein Family has been in the motion picture industry for over 60 years. Jordan Klein Sr. started working in the industry in the early 1950s, He accumulated many credits and even won 2 x academy awards along the way. Klein sr is now retired. 

Jordan Klein jr or “Jordy” as he is known throughout the industry started Jordan Klein Film & Video in the Mid 1980s. After years of working with his dad, Jordy always wanted to continue the Klein heritage and continue to provide the type of shots that others struggled to accomplish. “We like to hear creative ideas from directors and D/P’s that require us to figure out the best way to accomplish them”. If you are looking to shoot a basic “talking head” interview then we are probably not the best place to call. (although we do appreciate a simple job every now and then..)

A note to potential clients from JKF&V President, Jordy Klein: I hate being nickel and dimmed! Over the years I have hired many industry professionals. I have managed to weed out the ones that have a tendency to complain and overcharge after a set rate is agreed upon.

When I give a rate for myself, My crew and my gear, That is “the rate”. I will never attempt to go back and “renegotiate”. I realize things happen on a set that is out of our hands, especially when working on exterior locations. I always try to be more than fair when a situation like this arises. I feel fortunate that I have amassed a large inventory of equipment that allows me to afford the luxury of offering very competitive rates on gear and crew.

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