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Jordan Klein Film and Video is one of a few companies in the Southeast United States that own and operate an insert car and process trailer. The camera car is actually a camera truck. It is based on a Dodge 2500 chassis and has a full air ride suspension. The camera car can also accommodate up to 7 people in the back and 6 people in the front.

 The camera car can also hold our 22’ Robotic-arm as well as our 30’ telescopic crane with a choice of stabilized heads (see the telescopic crane and 22’ robotic crane arm).

 Our process trailer can support vehicles as large as a Ford Excursion and has two fold-out platforms that can support lighting or even dolly track.

Additionally we have a tow dolly that can accommodate most cars and trucks. This is a great option when you are attempting to get high shots shooting straight down on the tow vehicle and do not want to see the process trailer.

Camera car and process trailer

unnamed (14).jpg
process trailer 3.jpg

Process trailer dimensions:

overall length: 25’ 8”

overall width: 103”

Inside width: 81”

Inside length: 21'

Vehicle height above ground while in tow: 7” to 8” respectively.

Trailer fender height above floor of trailer is approximately 11”

Fold out platform dimensions:  38” and 26” x 7’ long. Safety rails are included with the trailer but must be assembled on-location.

Trailer is equipped with 1 1/4” speedrail fittings.

Max vehicle weight capacity 5700lbs

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 3.26.21 PM.png
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