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14' Scissor crane:

The Scissor Crane was developed to meet the need for a crane arm that can extend telescopically without the burden of a traditional, heavy telescopic crane. Unlike other scissor cranes in the industry, which are often too lightweight and cannot support a full cinema camera payload, our Scissor Crane boasts a robust design. It can handle a substantial 40lb payload, typically sufficient for most camera and lens setups.

This innovative crane offers impressive extension capabilities, stretching from a 4’ minimum to a remarkable 14’ from the center post. Despite its strength and reach, the Scissor Crane maintains a relatively light weight of just 90lbs without the camera and additional weights. Its compatibility with any Mitchell base mount adds to its versatility.

For enhanced mobility on set, we provide an Egripment dolly specifically designed to accommodate the Scissor Crane. This setup not only simplifies maneuvering around the set but also allows for the crane and dolly to be used on dolly tracks, perfect for executing long tracking shots.

Additionally, we offer the option to equip the Scissor Crane with our DJI Ronin 2 stabilized remote head, complete with a skilled crew to operate the entire setup.

For more information or any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us at any time!

crunched up scissor crane.png
extended scissor cran.png
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