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Underwater Cinematography

Jordan Klein Film and Video and The Klein family have been at the forefront of underwater cinematography technology for over 50 years! Jordan Klein, Sr opened the first dive shop on Miami beach shortly after World War II and developed some of the first underwater cameras. Jordan Klein, Sr's son,  Jordy Klein has continued the legacy and is still pushing the boundaries of underwater filmmaking.

Vampire Diaries: Behind the Scenes

Underwater behind the scenes of Vampire Diaries season 3 finale.


Underwater D/P: Jordan(Jordy) Klein Jr.

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4K underwater drone

The Fafish is a fully remotely controlled underwater drone. It has a 350’ teather and can travel to depths of 300’. The Fafish has a 1” sensor and can shoot 4k video at 24 or 30fps it can also shoot 1080p at 60fps

The FaFish is great for location scouting or in situations where a manned camera is just not practicle or safe. The Fafish has a top speed of 8mph and also has internal LED lighting. The FaFish has a battery life of 5 hrs of constant use.

The FaFish also has an HD video output that can be attached to a monitor at the surface. It can also be used for live broadcast productions.

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