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The Winchcam is a portable 4 point system that allows you to fly your choice of gimbals and most cameras in a 3-dimensional space. The Winchcam is designed to attach to 2, 3, or 4 hardpoints that are above the stage. The maximum space between each attach point can be 100’.

 The total payload the Winchcam is capable of flying is 25lbs (camera and gimbal) the maximum speed is 25mph. The Winchcam system is controlled wirelessly by an operator that is separate from the gimbal operator. The winch cam attachment points must be approximately twice the height that you would like the payload to fly. (IE: If you want the gimbal to reach a max height of 10’  above the ground, then you will need the attachment point to be 20’ above the ground). 

The entire Winchcam system can be checked as excess baggage on a commercial airline. The Winchcam can operate on 4 normal 20 amp outlets. It can also run on 4 x Honda 2000 watt generators. Check out the video.

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